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San Francisco, California

Situated on a peninsula separating San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is a uniquely picturesque city , whose scenic attractions  include the largest cultivated urban park in the country , Golden Gate Park . Its notoriously steep streets, traversed by the famous cable cars, are home to a remarkably diverse ethic population, and the city's reputation for tolerance and diverse is also evident in its history as a mecca for the gay community . known for sophisticated cultural innovation and experimentation , San Francisco was the gathering  of the beat  generation in the 1950's and a focal point of the 1960s counterculture , a hotbed of political protest and the birthplace of the" San Francisco Sound ."  Still known for its cultural attractions, today the Bay Area is also famous for its concentration of cutting - edge high -technology firms, which have drawn even more new residents to this populous region, 

Height: 4.5 inches /120mm

Base: 4.5 inches/120mm

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